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Dividend Income

Dividend Income – June 2015

Most of the dividend increases have come through for my portfolio during the last 2 quarters. I have added a little bit of money during the year but I did most of my annual contribution in January. I still have not added to my TFSA to match the new $10,000 limit. I will be doing so in the coming months and start saving to have my $10,000 contribution ready for January 2016. A couple of years ago, I was able to start getting ahead and save for the upcoming year rather than for the year I am in. Dividend Income June 2015 brought me the highest dividend income to date at $966.54. Still short of $1,000 per month. As I have mentioned numerous time, it’s not the stocks alone that move that needle but adding new money so it’s important to have a good plan in place to regularly save. As ...
Top 20 Dividend Stocks

Top 20 Dividend Stocks – June 2015

Half the year is now behind us and there has been some movement in the top 20 dividend stock list. 30% of the companies in the list were not present this last month. Does that make you curious? There might be a stock you need that is discounted. For example, CIBC (TSE:CM) was ranked 29 last month and it’s 14 now while Transcontinental (TSE:TCL.A) was 26 and it’s now 4th. The ranked order is simply based on a technical score based on their historical performances and current stock metrics essentially providing insight into a potential buy opportunity. It’s not a value assessment as per any valuation techniques. Top 20 Dividend Stocks If you want more information on the Dividend Aristocrats or 10/10 rule, just follow the links. Depending on your view on the real estate market, ...
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Dividend Stocks Research Weekly

I hope you enjoyed last week’s dividend stock research. There are many DIY investors trying to help others with their research and it can be as good if not better than what you read from the professionals. Dividend Stocks Research The Dividend Stocks Weekly is about sharing dividend stock research that may be pertinent to you. Which is the best Canadian Banks? (TSX:RY, TSX:TD, TXS:CM, TSX:BNS, TSX:BMO) Emerson Electric Dividend Stock Research (NYSE:EMR) Coca-Cola’s 20 Billion Dollars Brands and Future Growth (NYSE:KO) C.H. Robinson Dividend Stock Analysis (NASDAQ:CHRW) Duke Energy Dividend Stock Analysis (NYSE:DUK) If you found a stock research you want to share, please add it to the comment. Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici –
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