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Is it time to buy SNC Lavalin?

If you were to do a blind test and only look at company metrics, performance over the past 10 years and current valuation, SNC Lavalin would stand out in your list. With a P/E of 4.95, SNC (TSX:SNC) has been hit hard by the investing community. The investors are fleeing and the courageous or contrarian are jumping on board. Is it for a quick cash or a long term investment? The fact is that SNC got into some legal trouble. Find the list of issues surrounding the corruption allegations over at The Huffington Post. It’s a long list and an executive has pleaded guilty. The fleeing investors are speculating that contracts will be reduced and therefore future earnings will be impacted over time. A big issue around the allegations is that if they are found guilty, they would be banned from ...

Can the telecoms continue to grow at the same pace?

The rules by which the telecom companies have to play by have seen some changes in the last couple of years. The new rules in place have been in favour of the consumers and it has already started to have an impact on the telecoms’ revenue. In fact, Shaw Communications (NYSE:SJR, TSX:SJR.B) has seen its profits affected by the latest CRTC rules. Rogers Communications has also been downgraded by analysts. Will the telecoms’ profits and revenues be capped through government regulations? Does that change how much you invest in the telecoms? 3 Key Changes Impacting Telecoms Contract Rules Changed to 2 Years Maximum Pick-and-Pay Channels Coming The Netflix Effect We should not discount the desire for the government to have more competition either. All the changes above are great for ...
CNQ - Canadian Natural Resources

Is CNQ a value investment?

Now that the oil prices appear to have stabilized, it’s time to have a look at the energy sector. The top stock for the energy sector that surfaces in my dividend stock list is Canadian Natural Resources (NYSE:CNQ, TSX:CNQ). CNQ Summary CNQ is in the energy business through light oil, crude oil and natural gas with production in North America, the North Sea and the African coast. The different type of drilling/production create some diversification and can allow for Canadian Natural to manage its portfolio efficiently based on demand and pricing. It is worth noting that while it has drilling in the North Sea and the shores of Africa, North America represents the majority of its production and business.  By the numbers …Market Cap.: $44.41B (CDN) Dividends: $0.92 (CDN) Dividend ...
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