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Dividend Income – September 2015

When the turbulent markets come around, you find out pretty quickly if your investment strategy is holding up to your standard. So far so good for my strategy. If you want the details, read why I am a dividend investor. In fact, I am registering my best dividend income month ever. As you can see, my portfolio value may fluctuate, but my income is pretty steady. Dividend Income My September dividend income is a high of $985.52. Still short of $1,000 … It keeps on eluding me. It is probably out of reach for the year too Two years running now that I am hoping to break the $1,000 per month. For those catching up on my dividend income, I re-invest all the dividends with my discount broker when there is enough to buy a full share. After that, I wait until I have $1,000 worth to make a purchase. ...
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DH Corp – Is it a Hidden Financial Gem?

Do you want a company that is like a utility company but in the financial sector? DH Corp will fit the bill. You may know them as the cheque providing company which we know has been on the decline from a business perspective but DH Corp was able to re-invent themselves as a technology company for financial institutions. If you have ever ordered cheques through a financial institution website, you have have noticed that you were re-directed to their website to complete your purchase. Through acquisitions and business strategies, they have evolved into a strong financial technology company and can almost be considered an oligopoly in the sector due to the stringent rules for legal and financial compliance. With their recent acquisition of FUNDTech, they are getting a strong foothold in the US ...

Insurance Outliers – Do you own them?

I don’t have much in the insurance sector and when I looked into the insurance companies recently, I realized there are two outliers swimming against the current and not following the market drops. While the insurance companies are technically in the financial sector but within the insurance industry, they are different from banks and I would like to have a life insurance as well as a casualty insurance amongst my banks for the financial sector of my portfolio. Insurance is a pretty boring business but a pretty necessary one which makes it a great investment for my portfolio. Be it a life insurance focus or a casualty insurance, we all have insurance. Tracking Canadian Insurance Companies Below is the list of insurance companies I track with Dividend Snapshot’s Canadian Dividend ...
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