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CNQ - Canadian Natural Resources

Is CNQ a value investment?

Now that the oil prices appear to have stabilized, it’s time to have a look at the energy sector. The top stock for the energy sector that surfaces in my dividend stock list is Canadian Natural Resources (NYSE:CNQ, TSX:CNQ). CNQ Summary CNQ is in the energy business through light oil, crude oil and natural gas with production in North America, the North Sea and the African coast. The different type of drilling/production create some diversification and can allow for Canadian Natural to manage its portfolio efficiently based on demand and pricing. It is worth noting that while it has drilling in the North Sea and the shores of Africa, North America represents the majority of its production and business.  By the numbers …Market Cap.: $44.41B (CDN) Dividends: $0.92 (CDN) Dividend ...
MG - Magna International

Should You Consider Magna International

Investing in Magna International (NYSE:MGA, TSX:MG) is really investing in the overall auto industry. It is cyclical but you avoid exposure to specific brands due to Magna’s business across multiple car manufacturers. In fact, their operations span 4 continents and 28 countries. It’s one of those companies that can provide you with international exposure as well. Company Segments To see how much Magna can contribute to a vehicle, you only have to look at the list of segments it operates in. You can dig deeper to find even more components they are involved with. If it’s in a car, it looks like Magna can make it.Body & Chassis Powertrain Exteriors Interiors Seatings Vision Systems Closures Roof Systems Electronics Vehicle Engineering & Contract ManufacturingDividend ...
Dividend Income

Dividend Income – March 2015

The first quarter of the year is now behind us. As usual, my dividend income continues to flow in. I continue to add to my holdings strategically to maintain the proper sector allocation. Related: Sector Allocation Strategy I will admit that I have yet to add to the oil sector. I am paying attention and carefully waiting to see what adjustments the different companies will be doing. Dividend Income My March 2015 dividend income is at $925.32. Not $1,000 yet but it’s getting close and only a few dividend increases have come through. I am expecting more in the next quarter. That’s also treating the US dollar as equivalent to the CDN dollar. I will not be tracking the equivalent in Canadian for every dividend earned. My overall total is converted in Canadian and that’s enough. A ...
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