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Dividend Income – March 2015

The first quarter of the year is now behind us. As usual, my dividend income continues to flow in. I continue to add to my holdings strategically to maintain the proper sector allocation. Related: Sector Allocation Strategy I will admit that I have yet to add to the oil sector. I am paying attention and carefully waiting to see what adjustments the different companies will be doing. Dividend Income My March 2015 dividend income is at $925.32. Not $1,000 yet but it’s getting close and only a few dividend increases have come through. I am expecting more in the next quarter. That’s also treating the US dollar as equivalent to the CDN dollar. I will not be tracking the equivalent in Canadian for every dividend earned. My overall total is converted in Canadian and that’s enough. A ...
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The Dog of the Canadian Dividend Aristocrats

Are you familiar with the Dogs of the Dow? The premise of the investment strategy is to pick the 10 stocks with the highest dividend yield for the year and repeat the process every year. The idea behind the strategy is that the companies with a higher yield are simply out of favor at the time with the expectation that stocks should go back up. Aside from having a great yield on cost, earning dividends, those stocks have some expectations of getting out of the dog house. Don’t forget that you hold them only for one year and you repeat the process the following year. Dog of the Dividend Aristocrats The top 10 stocks should be the ones you buy according to the strategy. I have to admit that I could not follow this strategy. I could not simply just pick 10 random stocks but it’s interesting ...
Dividend Aristocrats

Get US Dividends From Canadian Dividend Stocks

As a Canadian, it’s very important to realize how small our economy is. While it is a good economy, it is a small one and it is mostly focused on financial and energy stocks. It is acceptable to be proud of it but as an investor, you want to be objective and realize that you need exposure to other economies. You may chose to do it through indexes but personally I do it buy buying US companies. One key factor to buy US companies is that you need US dollars. The current currency exchange rate may seem prohibitive but that doesn’t have to be the case. Related: Currency Exchange with DLR and DLR.U ETF There was a time when the Canadian dollars was at parity and it was a good time to just buy US companies. With the currency exchange, there is a value blocker that all Canadian investors ...
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