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Dividend Aristocrats

2015 Canadian Dividend Aristocrats

Every year, I highlight the Canadian Dividend Aristocrats and point out the companies added or removed. The list is a good starting point for any dividend investors as it represents consistency in dividend growth. Add other key metrics that are important to you, when you can start choosing your investments. I have personally adjusted my investment strategy to also look at 10 year growth considering the requirement is only 5 years of dividend growth for Canadian companies while the US version expects 25 years of growth, Related: 10/10 Rule of Dividend Investing Canadian Dividend Aristocrats RequirementsThe company’s security is a common stock or income trust listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and a constituent of the S&P Canada BMI. . The security has increased ordinary cash dividends ...
Stock Picking

My Stock Picking Technique

What’s your stock picking technique? or even your ETF or index fund selection technique? I have a technique and thought I would share it. It’s obviously my technique and by no means THE technique but if it can help you get started, it’s worth sharing. It requires data and diligence up front but once that’s done, it’s a pretty easy technique. There are two types of purchases: First Time Shares and Additional Shares. As it happens though, I use my data source for both processes. My secret is in the data and here is what I did to put it all together. Step 1 – Identify the metrics that matters It’s important that you define what matters to you. Is it the cash on hand? The sales growth? The dividend growth? The dividend yield? or a combination of those. ...
investing FAQ

Investment Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone is going to make a mistake when investing. The key is to learn from it and to minimize the number of mistakes. Below are the top mistakes every investors make. Learn to avoid them and use them as a check list. No Investment Strategy It’s important to know what your strategy is. Will you be a value investor? an index investor? a dividend investor? What’s your investment strategy and what are your goals. I am a dividend investor and I invest for income. I want my portfolio to generate my retirement income without withdrawing any of my principal when I reach retirement.Why Dividend Investing Millionaire Teacher for Index InvestingNot Understanding the Fees There will always be fees but it’s important to understand the impact it can have on your portfolio and that ...
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