A New Year & A New Site Design

fireworksHappy New Year Everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday season. I wanted to bring to your attention the new design of The Passive Income Earner. It’s the same great content with a new look! I hope you like it. I love feedback too so drop me a note in the comments or personally.

New Design Goals

  • More Customizable Content (I am a programmer by trade and finally got my hands dirty in the code)
  • Featured Content Promotion – Lots of great content is often hidden and I can keep it surfaced now
  • Better Integration of Social Share in the posts and main page
  • Easier Access to Follow Me – I know you don’t want to miss anything :)
  • Simpler theme and faster loading (I need less plugins) so it’s better for all my mobile readers

Since everyone loves to here about my dividend income, I have made it an up front focus too. It’s right there on the top right and you cannot miss it.

Start Here Page

I am also working on a start here page. It’s hard to always go back to the basics when I write but it’s important to share that information for all the new readers. My newsletter is setup to help new readers but I believe a start here page would help. Do me a favor and let me know what you think would have helped you.

As a post teaser, you can also find my orange key in the side bar for ING Direct. I finally got setup. (insert more fireworks) I’ll have a post outlining my money flow really soon and how I am avoiding paying $12.95 a month at Scotia Bank. I had to make a change : $13 * 12 = $156 per year. I am currently in the middle of moving my pay deposit. Interestingly enough, in a past survey (included below) I found out that many hold the minimum balance to avoid fees but I don’t like having dormant money in an account. Sure you save money, but that money should be making you money – not the bank!

Why Do You Still Pay Fees?

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Readers: What do you think of the new look?

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14 Responses to "A New Year & A New Site Design"

  1. I like the new look especially the dividend counter on the top right corner.
    It’s cleaner than the previous look.
    I really to revamp my theme as well. It’s a bit too cluttered.

    • @RB40

      Thanks. It took me a while to research themes / platforms. Dividend Ninja had some really good experience and helped me decide on a theme platform. I wanted to have control but not write a theme on my own so picking the right framework to start from is important.

      I decided to stick with the standard web fonts too. Not unique but all browsers have them and it’s standard across all devices.

  2. Hi PIE,

    your site looks wonderful and very clear.

    The graphic at the top right with the “Monthly Dividend Income” is great!
    A cool idea!

    If my dividend income were not only 65 EUR per month, I would also install a cool counter like you ;-)


  3. PIE, this looks great!! WOW what an improvement, much cleaner and crisp. I think you did a great job here, and I like the color scheme as well…

    Glad I could help, but you did all the work. :)


  4. Brian So says:

    Nice new look. Just wanted to let you know the G+ follow button is a broken link.

  5. PIE,

    Like the new look! Very clean. And that dividend counter at the top is very cool!!

    Looks like you’re getting off to a great start this year. :)

    Best wishes!

  6. Gary says:

    Much easier to navigate. Congratulations!

  7. RICARDO says:

    FANtastic look fo ryour fans.
    I do find that the screens scroll just a little too fast though.
    It will be fun to compare my divs with someone else’s.


  8. WOW, great new look.

    Love the use of white space and how organized this site is. Theme Junkie is great. Nice to use, probably even more so for a pro like you!

    I also like the Monthly Dividend Income counter at the top right of the blog. How did you add that counter? I’d like to add something similar in my sidebar. Are you using a PlugIn for that? Jellyfish counter?

    Nicely done PIE! Happy Investing in 2014 and stay in touch often.


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