Weekly Blog Round: Bank Earnings

Canadian BanksIt’s bank earnings time. Since I own a good number of them and many were (and are again) Canadian Dividend Aristocrats, I stay tuned to their earnings.

  • BMO earnings were on February 28 and their new U.S. purchase, Marshall & Ilsley, appear to have done well helping them increase their profits by 34%. Still no dividend increase though …
  • RY earnings were on March 1 and although they rewarded investors with a 6% dividend increase, their net income was lower than last year.
  • TD earnings were also on March 1 and they also generously increased their dividends by 6% amid mixed numbers.
  • NA earnings were also on March 1 and they reported excellent results. No dividend increase as of yet but considering they rewarded investors twice last year, there is still hope.
  • BNS earnings will be on March 6. What do you think is in store? A dividend raise?
  • CM earnings will be on March 8. What about CIBC, they did increase their dividends last year. We might see them getting back on the annual increase.

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7 Responses to "Weekly Blog Round: Bank Earnings"

  1. Thanks VERY much for the double mention!

    Dang, don’t own TD or RY yet. I find TD too expensive for me right now.
    I’ll eventually own it and DRIP it.

    BMO, yes, but no dividend increase this year (so far). They haven’t increased their dividend since 2008, they are due, although they are busy buying assets.

    As for CIBC and BNS, I really hope increases are on the way; owner of those. I think they are, in the 5% range is my guess.

    Have a great weekend and chat soon,

  2. The banks create money out of thin air, and billions of human beings suffer every day because of it. It is time to stop trying so hard to get as much of the fake money as we can. It is time to care about our brothers and sisters around the world.


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