Stock Picking Contest 2012 – Q1 Results

Stock Picking 2012It’s time to review the rankings for the contest and see where my picks, relative to my follow bloggers, have landed me for this first quarter.

My Best Stock Picks

As you would read in my post on why I invest with dividends, I am no short term stock picker. You can see from my picks that I stuck to dividend investments since picking other stocks would be like throwing darts to a board.

Here are my 4 picks for 2012. For the record, I happen to own 3 of them; BCE, MFC, and NA. In retrospect, I don’t think BCE is going to see much growth … For some details on my pick, see my ‘Stock Picking’ Contest introductory post.

  • CNQ @ $38.59
  • BCE @ $43.00
  • MFC @ $11.15
  • NA @ @72.33

Stock Picking Contest – Q1 Results

Here are the results after one quarter. Looks like I am quite far behind and my picks will need to do some catchup.

  1. 35.91% – Where Does All My Money Go
  2. 16.37% – Intelligent Speculator
  3. 13.71% – Dividend Mantra
  4. 11.78% – The Wild Investor
  5. 11.70% – My Trader’s Journal
  6. 10.87% – Beating The Index
  7. 7.84% – Million Dollar Journey
  8. 4.77% – The Passive Income Earner
  9. 4.43% – Dividend Growth Investor
  10. 0.10% – The Financial Blogger

The Best Picks In Details

It’s nice to see the results but, really, what picks did good is what you all want to know 🙂

Bank of America CorpBAC72.34Where Does All My Money Go
AppleAAPL48.04Intelligent Speculator
AppleAAPL48.04Where Does All My Money Go
ManulifeMFC CT25.8The Passive Income Earner
SPDR Gold Trust ETFUWM25.56My Trader’s Journal
Second Wave Petroleum Inc.SCS.TO23.95Beating The Index
Starbucks CorporationSBUX21.9Where Does All My Money Go
CaterpillarCAT18.09The Wild Investor
IntelINTC16.85Intelligent Speculator
IntelINTC16.85The Financial Blogger
IntelINTC16.85Dividend Mantra
Ford Motor CompanyF16.41The Wild Investor
Alcoa Inc.AA16.18The Wild Investor
Poseidon ConceptsPSN.TO14.62Beating The Index
Eagle Energy TrustEGL.UN14.54Beating The Index
Phillip Morris InternationalPM13.9Dividend Mantra
Phillip Morris InternationalPM13.9Dividend Growth Investor
Treasuries ETFTBT13.17My Trader’s Journal
Emerson Electric Co.EMR12.88Dividend Mantra
Suncor EnergySU11.27Million Dollar Journey
General Dynamic CorpGD11.22Dividend Mantra
National BankNA.TO11.05The Financial Blogger
National BankNA CT11.05The Passive Income Earner
Scotia BankBNS.TO11.02Million Dollar Journey
3M CoMMM9.89Million Dollar Journey
Aflac Inc.AFL7.03Intelligent Speculator
SPDR Gold Trust ETFGLD6.66My Trader’s Journal
Procter & GamblePG1.55Dividend Growth Investor
ChevronCVX1.54The Financial Blogger
Jonhson & JonhsonJNJ1.47Dividend Growth Investor
Research In MotionRIMM1.38Where Does All My Money Go
Pepsi CoPEP0.82Dividend Growth Investor
GoogleGOOG-0.72My Trader’s Journal
Teck Resources LimitedTCK.B-0.84Million Dollar Journey
Halliburton CompanyHAL-3.58The Wild Investor
Bell CanadaBCE.TO-4.71The Passive Income Earner
Travelzoo Inc.TZOO-6.43Intelligent Speculator
Palliser Oil & Gas CorpPXL.TO-9.64Beating The Index
Canadian National ResourcesCNQ.TO-13.08The Passive Income Earner
5N Plus Inc.VNP.TO-29.04The Financial Blogger

Lets hope my picks do a little better in the coming quarters. CNQ is a little disappointing at the moment. However, I did not pick any stocks that could blow the pants out of Apple’s return and unless these high performing stocks fall back, I am going to have to settle for 3rd or so in the ranking. I’d love to finish in the top 5.

Readers: Any surprise in the performance?

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