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How To Buy Stocks

When you start accumulating savings and you manage to spend less than you earn regularly, you should start to think about making your money work for you. One way to have your money work for you is to buy stocks. It can, however, be intimidating to start buying stocks and learning how. Owning a stock is not actually difficult and I’ll show you the different ways you can buy stocks. The research of a stock to buy is a different topic altogether Most investors would rather have third party financial institutions or websites trade on their behalf than do it themselves and it is easy to see why. They need more than a little guidance concerning how the stock market works and investment services that know the ins and outs of affective trading offer them a reprieve. Investors usually choose ...

Investing Strategy with Transfer Agents

Who’s got boat load of cash to invest early on in life? Who’s got loads of cash to invest after paying all the bills and supporting a family? We’ve all heard of pay yourself first so that you can manage to save some money for the long term. In fact, many mutual fund companies will want to help you do that because it can be easy and you can start with little money. I was so frustrated with that process and the lack of performance from mutual funds that I was determined to move on to stocks. I finally did it a couple of years ago and moved away from mutual funds. That’s when I was introduced to the Transfer Agents: Computershare and CIBC Mellon. Long before buying stocks, I was a dividend and income investors as I believe in the following principles of investments:Compound ...

My 7 Links Project

Thanks to my blogger friends My Own Advisor, Beating The Index and Dividend Ninja, I was nominated for the 7 Links Project. The project consists of highlighting 7 posts by answering 7 questions and nominate 5 other bloggers to do the same. The highlighted posts from many bloggers have been quite interesting and I hope you enjoy my answers. The 7 Links Your most beautiful post Definitely the toughest question to answer. A company stock analysis or some compound growth tables doesn’t really fall into the beautiful concept of a post. After going through my post, I am settling on this one.Children & Money: Teaching the value of money through allowance.My kids are definitely important to me and raising them to be financially strong and independent will have to do for a beautiful ...
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