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Insurance Outliers – Do you own them?

I don’t have much in the insurance sector and when I looked into the insurance companies recently, I realized there are two outliers swimming against the current and not following the market drops.¬†While the insurance companies are technically in the financial sector but within the insurance industry, they are different from banks and I would like to have a life insurance as well as a casualty insurance amongst my banks for the financial sector of my portfolio. Insurance is a pretty boring business but a pretty necessary one which makes it a great investment for my portfolio. Be it a life insurance focus or a casualty insurance, we all have insurance. Tracking Canadian Insurance Companies Below is the list of insurance companies I track with Dividend Snapshot’s Canadian Dividend ...
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Canadian Banks Pull Back

Canadian banks tend to be a core holding for many Canadian investors. They are some of the biggest companies in Canada, they offer a good yield and have been relatively stable during economic challenges. Many of the financial stocks are on a pull back and trading near their 52-week low. This could be a good opportunity to initiate a position or to add to a position. The big question is which would you pick? Canadian Banks Pull Back Let’s look at the pull back and the pertinent data. The graph below shows the 1-year trend between all the top 5 banks. They tend to always sneeze at the same time some more than others.  Have a look at some of their data below. Each bank pretty much pays you more in dividends than they charge you for your mortgage. A few of them provide an coumpond ...
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Process to Invest $1000

While I may have a dividend stock portfolio with over $300K, I still invest in small amounts throughout the year. The fact is, it’s the easiest way to invest. I could wait until I have more but I set my minimum at $1000 as my $9.99 transaction fee represent 1% and I don’t want to pay more than that. Back when trading used to cost $35 per transaction, it felt prohibitive if you remember those days. Process to Invest $1,000 Step 1 – Which sector needs money? The first thing I do is to take away the emotion by simply looking at my portfolio allocation to see where I am short. Usually there are a couple of sectors that are in need of extra funds. With the size of my portfolio, there are always movement in stock value which easily create a gap of $1,000 in a sector so it’s ...
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