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Process to Invest $1000

While I may have a dividend stock portfolio with over $300K, I still invest in small amounts throughout the year. The fact is, it’s the easiest way to invest. I could wait until I have more but I set my minimum at $1000 as my $9.99 transaction fee represent 1% and I don’t want to pay more than that. Back when trading used to cost $35 per transaction, it felt prohibitive if you remember those days. Process to Invest $1,000 Step 1 – Which sector needs money? The first thing I do is to take away the emotion by simply looking at my portfolio allocation to see where I am short. Usually there are a couple of sectors that are in need of extra funds. With the size of my portfolio, there are always movement in stock value which easily create a gap of $1,000 in a sector so it’s ...
Where To Invest

How To View Your Employer’s Stocks

There are many who work for a publicly traded companies and as such benefit from a number of stock related perks. The most common would be the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) followed by Restricted Stock Units (RSU) and the now less popular Stock Options. All of the three company benefits offer employees a way to own stocks in the company with a number of benefits. Before going over the ways to look at those benefits, let’s review them. ESPP – Employee Stock Purchase Plan This program allows the employee to put money aside for the company to purchase shares at a discount. The percentage allowed will vary but can be in the area of 10% of your salary. The purchases can be annually, semi-annually or quarterly. On average, an employee will receive a taxable benefit on the purchase ...
bank stock

Best Bank to Buy Now

While many of the banks offer similar products from the perspective of the consumers, their non banking line of products and international exposure is what differentiate each bank. Most people are familiar with the fee for a chequing account or the mortgage interest rates but that’s only one segment in the banking business. In general, I am happy to own any of the banks outlined below in terms of businesses but in practice, they each have their own entry point to maximize the performance of the stocks and your return. When the time comes to buy a bank stock, I need to evaluate the best buy at that time. Bank Stock Opportunities The list of bank stocks below represents many of the biggest companies in Canada with a large exposure internationally. The companies are listed in order of market ...
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