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Dividend Aristocrats

Get US Dividends From Canadian Dividend Stocks

As a Canadian, it’s very important to realize how small our economy is. While it is a good economy, it is a small one and it is mostly focused on financial and energy stocks. It is acceptable to be proud of it but as an investor, you want to be objective and realize that you need exposure to other economies. You may chose to do it through indexes but personally I do it buy buying US companies. One key factor to buy US companies is that you need US dollars. The current currency exchange rate may seem prohibitive but that doesn’t have to be the case. Related: Currency Exchange with DLR and DLR.U ETF There was a time when the Canadian dollars was at parity and it was a good time to just buy US companies. With the currency exchange, there is a value blocker that all Canadian investors ...
DividendEarner - RY Relationship

How To Visualize Earnings and Dividend Growth

The relationship between dividends and earnings is the payout ratio as you probably know but I have found that just looking at the payout ratio doesn’t paint the picture you really need. I have a guest post over at Sure Dividend showing a better visualization. Check it out. Readers: Do you find it better than just looking at the payout ratio?
Stock Picking

2 Core Holdings for Your Portfolio

Most portfolio over time will highlight core holdings based on the investor’s strategy. It will naturally happen mostly because those are the stocks you end up favouring. The core holdings in your portfolio are like your safe haven. You know your money is in good hands and you always trust those companies. Below are two companies I want to highlight as potential core holdings. I am sure there are others that can fit the bill but I have come to find that those 2 companies have performed remarkably well and have sustainable and necessary business models.Canadian National Railway (NYSE:CNI, TSX:CNR) Enbridge (NYSE:ENB, TSX:ENB)Canadian National Railway – NYSE:CNI, TSX:CNR Railway is by far the best method of transporting goods in North America. Goods arrive on either coasts and ...
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