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26 Stocks With Strong Dividend Growth

We all know that historical data is not an indicator of future performance but it certainly can highlight the seriousness of management and the company’s policies towards paying dividends and rewarding investors. I am a big fan of the 10 – 10 dividend rule where a company must have increased their dividends for 10 consecutive years with an average dividend growth of 10%. In fact, I use Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to calculate the average growth which means that the dividend will more than double in the 10 year timeline. 26 Strong Dividend Growers Below are 26 stocks with a 10 year dividend streak and over 10% average dividend growth. SNC can be a value trap or a great play in the short term. I personally find that the business is too tied to government but it doesn’t ...
Top 20 Dividend Stocks

Top 20 Dividend Stocks – June 2015

Half the year is now behind us and there has been some movement in the top 20 dividend stock list. 30% of the companies in the list were not present this last month. Does that make you curious? There might be a stock you need that is discounted. For example, CIBC (TSE:CM) was ranked 29 last month and it’s 14 now while Transcontinental (TSE:TCL.A) was 26 and it’s now 4th. The ranked order is simply based on a technical score based on their historical performances and current stock metrics essentially providing insight into a potential buy opportunity. It’s not a value assessment as per any valuation techniques. Top 20 Dividend Stocks If you want more information on the Dividend Aristocrats or 10/10 rule, just follow the links. Depending on your view on the real estate market, ...
Top 20 Dividend Stocks

Top 20 Stocks – May 2015

Now that oil prices have stabilized with the adjustments by many companies under way and acquisitions happening slowly, it’s time to see what companies are surfacing at the top of my opportunity list. Using my list and my proprietary score formula, I have put together the Buy Opportunities for May 2015 from my list of Canadian stocks. Below are the top 20 stocks as of May 31, 2015. Financial services happens to provide some good opportunities. If you are in need or real estate, Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) is an alternative to REITs with good international properties in New York and London.Ticker Company Trend Quote Market Cap P/E EPS Annual Yield Dividend Payout Ratio Aristocrat 10/10 RuleCWB Canadian Western Bank Trend $28.00 2.25 10.45 $2.68 3.00% 31.34% YES YESBNS Scotia ...
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