Dividend Growth Index – 2012 Q1 Results

The Dividend Growth Index started back in September 2011 as a project to see what our picks would over time. It’s not meant be a high trading account but rather a long term holdings that we can compare against an index. I provided the results for the last quarter of 2011 and I am now ready to share the results for 2012.

My Picks

Over time, we are going to see high returns since markets usually go up. September 2011 was a good time to buy so it was expected that we would see some good results. Two of my picks are some of the lowest dividend payer in the divided growth index but it’s worth pointing out that they are Canadian Dividend Aristocrats (5 years of dividend increase). The dividend growth will work its compound growth magic over time. I currently do not own any of these stocks but they are on my watch list. In fact, in many of my technical screenings (Top 20 Stocks) , CNQ shows up high.

2012 Q1 Growth

Compared with the last quarter, we can see that confidence in CNQ is being shaken – that might make it a good entry point :). Otherwise, it’s a pretty flat performance.

  • Canadian National Railway (CNR) is down -0.03%
  • Canadian National Resources (CNQ) is down -21.82%
  • Aflac (AFL) is up 4.09%

2011 Q4 Growth

Q4 was a great quarter with investor confidence coming back in the markets.

  • Canadian National Railway (CNR) is up 14.29%
  • Canadian National Resources (CNQ) is up 29.87%
  • Aflac (AFL) is up 29.37%

Dividend Growth Index – 2012 Q1 Results

Since inception, the index is now up 20.74%. A growth of 5.14% for the second quarter. As you can see, the index overall didn’t break any performance records for the first quarter of the year. Obviously, my picks pulled the index back a little but over time, I believe my pick will shine by providing dividend growth with the 10/10 rule.

We started with an investment capital of $24,000 ($1,000 per stock) and it is now worth $28,977.68. It’s a nice growth. Against Canadian indexes, we are doing better but against U.S. indexes we are slightly behind. It’s clear form the picks that the U.S. stocks have performed better. It leads me to really highlight the importance of U.S. diversification for Canadians. Our friends south of the border have a much larger economy and many more conglomerates and diversified companies to invest in. It’s the major reason why I switched to RBC Direct Investing away from ScotiaITrade so I can hold my U.S. investments in U.S. accounts. It’s only a matter of time until the U.S. dollar gains strength over the loonie.

BloggerStockReturnPriceMarch 2012 SharesMarch 2012 Value
My Own AdvisorABT21.99%$61.2919.900$1,219.68US
My Own AdvisorBNS.TO8.14%$55.8819.354$1,081.53CN
My Own AdvisorCLC.TO17.03%$10.60110.405$1,170.29CN
The Dividend Guy BlogINTC33.97%$28.1247.648$1,339.62US
The Dividend Guy BlogKO11.13%$74.0115.013$1,111.13US
The Dividend Guy BlogNA15.82%$79.3714.594$1,158.35CN
The Dividend MonkETE19.60%$40.3029.674$1,195.87US
The Dividend MonkNVS6.72%$55.4119.259$1,067.13US
The Dividend MonkWMT19.44%$61.2019.519$1,194.57US
Dividend NinjaHSE.TO14.58%$25.3845.142$1,145.71CN
Dividend NinjaPEP8.94%$66.3516.423$1,089.69US
Dividend NinjaSPLS23.41%$16.1976.225$1,234.09US
Passive Income EarnerCNR.TO14.23%$79.2714.411$1,142.32CN
Passive Income EarnerCNQ.TO8.05%$33.0632.683$1,080.51CN
Passive Income EarnerAFL33.46%$45.9929.018$1,334.52US
Wealthy CanadianRY.TO22.86%$57.8121.255$1,228.75CN
Wealthy CanadianFTS.TO81.44%$32.2756.226$1,814.41CN
Wealthy CanadianBIN.TO1.76%$21.6746.958$1,017.57CN
Dividend MantraCOP22.32%$76.0116.090$1,223.00US
Dividend MantraPM44.74%$88.6116.333$1,447.30US
Dividend MantraPG8.09%$67.2116.085$1,081.06US
Dividend Growth InvestorCVX17.62%$107.2110.971$1,176.15US
Dividend Growth InvestorMCD13.33%$98.1011.556$1,133.63US
Dividend Growth InvestorEPD29.06%$50.4725.575$1,290.78US

Dividend Growth Index Participants

Here are the investors behind the index. See what they have to say about our Dividend Growth Index.

Readers: What stocks would you drop or add?

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