Dividend Income

Welcome to my Monthly Dividend Income statement!

I am presenting you with all my dividend income since I started tracking them and since I took control of my investments.

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2014 Annual Dividends

2015 Dividend Income

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2014 Dividend Income

2013 Dividend Income

2012 Dividend Income

Dividend Snapshot

2011 Dividend Income

Dividend Income

2010 Dividend Income

Dividend Income

  • January 2010 : $367.76
  • February 2010 : $200.07
  • March 2010 : $216.65
  • April 2010 : $419.35
  • May 2010 : $210.81
  • June 2010 : $262.50
  • July 2010 : $459.80
  • August 2010 : $290.00
  • September 2010 : $307.78
  • October 2010 : $437.23
  • November 2010 : $313.53
  • December 2010 : $263.18
  • Total 2010 : $3,748.66

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17 Responses to "Dividend Income"

  1. desert investor says:

    Thanks for the informative website which I enjoy so much. I have a question. I believe in May you mentioned a USD and a CDN RRSP. Could you please explain the difference and if you use both, what type of stocks do you hold in them. I currently have a CDN RRSP and use RBC direct. I am contemplating purchasing some US dividend stocks for the CDN RRSP. I am a beginner and you have confused me as to where to put what. help

  2. J. Hopper says:

    When I clicked on the link in your article to see your specific holdings I was taken to a annual recap of your monthly dividends not your stocks that you own?

    Disclosure: I own a number of stocks listed, see my holdings here for a full list.

  3. pat says:

    What is your list of stock to get those dividends?

  4. These numbers are very encouraging. I only recently started getting my head on straight with regard to dividend investing. Sad thing is that knowing as much as I do now, the only thing I’m certain of is that I have SO MUCH MORE I have to learn.

  5. Jeff says:

    Are you including any fund distributions that are returned throughout the year as well whether quarterly, semi-annually, or annually?

  6. You have a nice progression on your dividend income. Great % gain YOY.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

  7. Looks like the chart is going in the right direction :-). I love that the dividend investor community is willing to share their results. It helps to validate that what we are doing works. Since I am still starting out, only 1-year in, seeing your results gets me excited about my future.


  8. Bob says:

    great work in measuring your drips. What method u use to help you keep track of them?

  9. Richard says:

    You may want to update the monthly heading dates from 2014 to 2015 under the heading 2015 Dividend Income. It’s a bit confusing otherwise. Regardless, many thanks for sharing!

  10. EL says:

    This is awesome results from 2010 till 2015? It is great to see others growing dividends to one day reach FI. I am ready for a big year in 2015. Good luck on the dividend train.

  11. Kelvin says:

    Hey DE, great site. Very very informative.

    Great to see a progression growing those dividends. Feel free to give me a shout through email. Got some interesting stuff down the pipe.

    Chat soon.

  12. Vivianne says:

    Man, you’re just shy of $1/mo. 1% fee in brokage fee is a lot, that was what deterred me from investing before I found a fee free brokage. Your holding is wayyyyy above the $25k, I’m wondering if you can open an account with Merrill lynch. You get 100 trades per month. Or loyal3, you can buy a few at no fee. Obviously, you’ve been at this for many years.

    • @Vivianne

      I am Canadian and the discount broker options are limited. The lowest I could go in transaction fee is around $5 but in the end it’s not all about the transaction fee but other features. You need to realized that the fee is for the dividends to re-invest. I don’t make $1,000 purchases for all transactions.

      Computershare is free if you are willing to invest on a specific schedule.

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