Dividend Income

Welcome to my Monthly Dividend Income statement!

I am presenting you with all my dividend income since I started tracking them and since I took control of my investments.

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2014 Dividend Income

Dividend Snapshot

2013 Dividend Income

2012 Dividend Income

2011 Dividend Income

Dividend Income

2010 Dividend Income

Dividend Income

  • January 2010 : $367.76
  • February 2010 : $200.07
  • March 2010 : $216.65
  • April 2010 : $419.35
  • May 2010 : $210.81
  • June 2010 : $262.50
  • July 2010 : $459.80
  • August 2010 : $290.00
  • September 2010 : $307.78
  • October 2010 : $437.23
  • November 2010 : $313.53
  • December 2010 : $263.18
  • Total 2010 : $3,748.66

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26 Responses to "Dividend Income"

  1. Thanks for the informative website which I enjoy so much. I have a question. I believe in May you mentioned a USD and a CDN RRSP. Could you please explain the difference and if you use both, what type of stocks do you hold in them. I currently have a CDN RRSP and use RBC direct. I am contemplating purchasing some US dividend stocks for the CDN RRSP. I am a beginner and you have confused me as to where to put what. help

  2. When I clicked on the link in your article to see your specific holdings I was taken to a annual recap of your monthly dividends not your stocks that you own?

    Disclosure: I own a number of stocks listed, see my holdings here for a full list.

  3. These numbers are very encouraging. I only recently started getting my head on straight with regard to dividend investing. Sad thing is that knowing as much as I do now, the only thing I’m certain of is that I have SO MUCH MORE I have to learn.

  4. Looks like the chart is going in the right direction :-). I love that the dividend investor community is willing to share their results. It helps to validate that what we are doing works. Since I am still starting out, only 1-year in, seeing your results gets me excited about my future.


  5. You may want to update the monthly heading dates from 2014 to 2015 under the heading 2015 Dividend Income. It’s a bit confusing otherwise. Regardless, many thanks for sharing!

  6. This is awesome results from 2010 till 2015? It is great to see others growing dividends to one day reach FI. I am ready for a big year in 2015. Good luck on the dividend train.

  7. Hey DE, great site. Very very informative.

    Great to see a progression growing those dividends. Feel free to give me a shout through email. Got some interesting stuff down the pipe.

    Chat soon.

  8. Man, you’re just shy of $1/mo. 1% fee in brokage fee is a lot, that was what deterred me from investing before I found a fee free brokage. Your holding is wayyyyy above the $25k, I’m wondering if you can open an account with Merrill lynch. You get 100 trades per month. Or loyal3, you can buy a few at no fee. Obviously, you’ve been at this for many years.

    1. @Vivianne

      I am Canadian and the discount broker options are limited. The lowest I could go in transaction fee is around $5 but in the end it’s not all about the transaction fee but other features. You need to realized that the fee is for the dividends to re-invest. I don’t make $1,000 purchases for all transactions.

      Computershare is free if you are willing to invest on a specific schedule.

  9. WOW!!!! It’s so cool to see how your dividend income increase each year. May I know how much additional money are you putting into your portfolio each month?? I recently just started my dividend growth portfolio and my blog. It’s not doing that well now since the overall market is down. However I am using this opportunity to purchase more dividend growth stocks. Please check out my blog at http://www.dividendgrowthbunny.com

    1. @DGB
      I technically work on adding $5K to the RESP account every year. I also add the maximum contribution to my TFSA (1 person), as we have not started on my spouse’s TFSA unfortunately. Then I do some RRSP for tax purpose and it depends as this RRSP contribution is separate from my regular contribution through work.

    1. @Paul

      With Computershare, I started with one share at a time. It’s the only way to start by getting one share to open the account and then you add to it.

      With the discount broker account, I started with $3,000 at once due to higher transaction cost at the time but I think $1,000 is a good number to buy at once now.

  10. Congratulations Div Earner! You are really CRUSHING IT. I hope to have your monthly numbers by next year or so. Keep it up and congratulations on your success!

    Passive Income Dude

  11. Wow!
    Nice, I really inspired by you.
    Thank you for sharing, you are giving everyone who read your blog the motivation to go and take their financial freedom in both hands.
    that is why I decided to share your story.

    All the best in the future.


  12. Great ! Slowly but steady ,,, let the compounding interest to take effect in the long run ,,,! 🙂
    Cheers ! Dividend or passive income is key under such low rate environment ,,

  13. New here, but looks like you’ve been making steady progress on your dividend income. It’s always great to see others making progress. I’ll def be following your blog. Thanks for posting 🙂


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