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Dividend Stock Selection Process

In my 7 Dividend Investing Rules, my first four rules pertain to my stock selection strategy. As you can probably imagine, selecting what you invest in plays a big part of your portfolio building strategy. My focus is on the portfolio and not just the individual stocks I purchase. In fact, I am never solely focusing on the price I buy a stock at as over time, a great stock will grow and I get paid in the meantime to hold the stock. When you start investing, the overall portfolio structure is not your first thought. You are looking for a good stock to invest in and you usually start with a small amount. It was the case for me when I started so I understand where you are coming from. With a full portfolio now, I also understand the need to manage the investments in the portfolio through sector ...
Dividend Income

Dividend Income – August 2015

How are you doing during this roller coaster ride? One day green, the other day red and then the cycle repeats. If you are in your accumulation years, I hope you are taking advantage of the down days and if you are in the retirement years, I hope you are setup to protect yourself from those down markets. Dividend Income My August dividend income landed at $889.42. I know with certainty now that I will earn over $10,000 this year in dividend income provided there are no major dividend reduction. I have maxed out my TFSA for the year and all previous years as well. RRSP contributions are regular from my pay and now that I have adjustment my mortgage payments in favour of investing, I will have more money to invest. It’s good timing with the markets but I hope it will allow me to start ...
investing FAQ

How To Manage Your Portfolio in a Correction

I had plans to review some companies but with the market corrections I felt like there were so many bargains out there that many companies were worth picking up. At the same time, panic from others is creating confusion about when we will hit the bottom and timing a purchase or a sell. With the markets down and the attempt at recovery, I realize that what is best is to create a plan. Create a Plan – Avoid Emotional Reactions Here are some steps to be in control Step 1 – Look at your portfolio and assess each of your investments. Do they belong in your portfolio as companies? Do you want to be an investor in those companies? Ignore the profits or losses and just evaluate the investment on its merits. Step 2 – Review your sector allocations. With the stock price adjustments ...
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