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How To Benchmark Your Portfolio

Every now and again, the discussion of portfolio performance comes up and it usually revolves around comparing your performance to an index. It is the type of benchmark the mutual fund managers have because indexes are one of the few objective measurement they can use. I am not so sure that’s the type of benchmark investors need to use though. Let’s start by looking at the definition of benchmark.A standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed.From the definition, your previous year’s performance can be a benchmark as you can compare to it. That’s what many companies do. You don’t see them creating a revenue growth average from all companies in their sector, do you? A goal to have a target percentage growth can also be a benchmark. ...
How To Buy Bonds

Dividend Stocks Research Weekly

I used to have a weekly updates with dividend related post and stopped it for a while for the sake of time. Since then, I have been focusing a lot more on investing than personal finance and I wanted to provide links to recent stock research I have found. I can’t write about everything and the research from others may be beneficial to you. Dividend Stocks Research The Dividend Stocks Weekly is about sharing dividend stock research that may be pertinent to you. Sure Dividend looks at Philip Morris International (NYSE:PM) Texas Instrument reviewed on Seeking Alpha (NASDAQ:TXN) Wal-Mart Reviewed by Dividend Growth Investor (NYSE:WMT) Genuine Parts reviewed by Dividend Engineering (NYSE:GPC) Pepsi Co research by The Dividend Guy (NYSE:PEP) If you found a stock research you want to share, ...
Investment Return

Dividend Growth vs Dividend Income

Are you unsure about how much you should focus on Dividend Income vs Dividend Growth? It’s really unusual to find a stock that will offer both. It’s usually one or the other. When I took control of my portfolio and moved away from mutual funds in 2009, I was focused on capital preservation and dividend income. As I learned more about dividend investing through reading and research, I realized within the following year that dividend growth like the dividend aristocrats was much better over time as I would get compound growth from the annual dividend increase. Not long after, I also stumbled on the 10 / 10 dividend rule where the stock must have 10 years of dividend increases along with a 10% dividend growth average. Related: 26 Stocks Matching The 10 / 10 Rule Reality of Dividend ...
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