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What’s better than a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat?

The dividend aristocrats list is one of the few recognized list for dividend stocks when it comes to indexes. There are ETFs or mutual funds that focus on dividend stocks and some also follow high yield dividend stocks. However, the Dividend Aristocrats are touted as a reliable list of dividend stocks due to its criteria. The criteria for the US Dividend Aristocrats requires a minimum of 25 years of consecutive dividend increase where as the Canadian Dividend Aristocrats require a minimum of 5 years with one free pass of no dividend increase (That’s really just to retain the banks after 2008 in my opinion). What’s better than a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat? Let’s be frank, the 5 year of consecutive dividend increase is not much to compare with the 25 years for the US list. ...
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Canadian Banks Pull Back

Canadian banks tend to be a core holding for many Canadian investors. They are some of the biggest companies in Canada, they offer a good yield and have been relatively stable during economic challenges. Many of the financial stocks are on a pull back and trading near their 52-week low. This could be a good opportunity to initiate a position or to add to a position. The big question is which would you pick? Canadian Banks Pull Back Let’s look at the pull back and the pertinent data. The graph below shows the 1-year trend between all the top 5 banks. They tend to always sneeze at the same time some more than others.  Have a look at some of their data below. Each bank pretty much pays you more in dividends than they charge you for your mortgage. A few of them provide an coumpond ...
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Investment Decision Made Simple

How difficult do you find choosing your next stock to invest in? Are you unsure about the entry point? Do you understand the company’s historical data? If you have difficulties with those questions, or feel you could use a hand, I have great news for you! I have just released the Canadian Dividend Performance List over at Dividend Snapshot. The list is the result of my dividend investing strategy and research over the past 5 years. I have used it to build my $300,000 portfolio and continue to use it today. In fact, it’s the only way I could find stocks to match the 10/10 dividend growth strategy. Canadian Dividend Performance List The list has over 100 stocks with lots of data to assess the value of many stocks. The stock data is in a spreadsheet laid out in a way that you can ...
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