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Evaluating the Dividend Upgrade Strategy

A recent commenter on my Dividend Income post had me thinking the other day…. He was asking if I switch to higher dividend yield stocks over time. It’s definitely a strategy I have thought about and considered but I cannot ignore companies with growth such as Enbridge (NYSE:ENB, TSX:ENB) and Canadian National Railway (NYSE:CNI, TSX:CNR) . On the other hand, when you hold a stock in a sector and there are competitors with similar growth and stock performance, it may be an opportunity to hold the stock with the highest yield. It got me thinking that investing can get complicated if you don’t have your rules laid out. There isn’t one strategy fit all. Index investors have a large amount of indexes to chose from for example. Not all indexers invest the same so not all ...
Dividend Income

Dividend Income – April 2015

My strategy appears to have paid off so far and I am not just talking about Dividend Investing. I am referring to my portfolio allocation and my international diversification. While the theory is that you should invest in all countries, I personally choose to invest only in Canada and the US. My international diversification comes from conglomerates that operate in the rest of the world. Take Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) for example,  they have a lot of international revenues and will do a better job than me in those countries. They will have teams that will focus on increasing revenue and profit margin by understanding the ways of the countries where they choose to be established. Dividend Income My April 2015 dividend ...

Is it time to buy SNC Lavalin?

If you were to do a blind test and only look at company metrics, performance over the past 10 years and current valuation, SNC Lavalin would stand out in your list. With a P/E of 4.95, SNC (TSX:SNC) has been hit hard by the investing community. The investors are fleeing and the courageous or contrarian are jumping on board. Is it for a quick cash or a long term investment? The fact is that SNC got into some legal trouble. Find the list of issues surrounding the corruption allegations over at The Huffington Post. It’s a long list and an executive has pleaded guilty. The fleeing investors are speculating that contracts will be reduced and therefore future earnings will be impacted over time. A big issue around the allegations is that if they are found guilty, they would be banned from ...
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