News Flash: Rogers (RCI.B) Increased Dividends by 11%

Rogers Dividend IncreaseIt’s good to be an owner 🙂 Yesterday, Rogers released its earning and along with it came an 11% dividend increase. The dividends from Rogers (RCI.B) will now be 39.5 cents per quarter up from 35.5 cents. The 11% increase fit perfectly with the 10/10 dividend strategy if you like that. I like the telecoms and I happen to own 3 of the 4 major telecoms in Canada. I have said in the past that telecoms are really becoming utilities and they seem to be increasing their dividends like utilities too. In fact, I think they are better then utilities since they have other ways to monetize their clients above and beyond the monthly fees and contract.

My new quarterly dividend payments will now be of $69.13 up from $62.13. It was that easy. Owning good quality companies allow you to grow your portfolio over time.

Have a nice day.

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