Weekly Blog Round: RRSP Deadline Looms

Maximizing and Optimizing RRSPThis is your weekend to really sort out your RRSP needs and make your last contribution for an income tax deduction.Here are some posts I wrote on RRSP over time.

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Freedom 35 has a contest for you to make some money. Guess the price of RIM on February 29.

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Have a nice weekend!

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    1. The Passive Income Earner · Edit

      Great to here the G&M picked it up. Both you and Ninja got some love from the big newspaper this week. I got some love a couple of weeks back and it was nice.

    1. The Passive Income Earner · Edit

      The weather was interesting. A mix of snow with clear sunny skies followed by some hails. Not quite the standard Vancouver weather but I’ll take the temporary snow anytime.


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