Weekly Blog Round: Bank Earnings Edition

National Bank of Canada
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The banks reported their earnings late in the week with the exception of Scotia Bank. It wasn’t what many analysts expected which can make it an investment opportunity since we saw a drop in share prices.

  • National Bank increased its net income by 13% and gave its shareholders a dividend increase of 5 cents for a total of $0.71 per share (up from $0.66) per quarter.
  • The Bank of Montreal increased its net income by 14% and kept its dividend unchanged. It is focusing on the purchase of Marshal & Isley south of the border.
  • Royal Bank saw its net income increase by 13% and increased its dividend by 8%. Investors can now earn $0.54 per share per quarter for a yield of 3.77%.
  • Toronto Dominion grew its net income the least so far with 7.5% growth.
  • Scotia Bank is expected to have good earnings due to their business in central and south America.

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Hope you had a nice weekend. It was a sunny one in Vancouver this weekend amidst all the rain we have had so far.

Go Canucks Go!

How often does that really happen to reach the Stanley Cup Finals …
Might as well enjoy it since the last time was 17 years ago!


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  1. Thanks for the mention Passive! You’re a quick read, I just posted that one 😉

    I CAN’T WAIT for the Stanley Cup Finals to begin!!! Go Canucks! Your town is going to go crazy if they win.

  2. I’m going to be annoying and say:


    It is getting pretty exciting, though I’m disappointed that all the time slots are 5pm! I’m sure there may be a lot of people calling in sick these next few weeks!


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