Weekly Blog Round: Cost of Driving

Cost of DrivingLast week, I was reminded that driving in Canada and in major centers can be expensive. I tend to take it for granted since I have limited choices. We did some cross-border pickup of items at a postal office and took the opportunity to fill up at the same time. Here are the price discrepencies I encountered along the way.

  • $1.42 per litter – In Greater Vancouver
  • $1.22 per litter – In Abbotsford (outside the region for public transit)
  • $1.11 per litter – In Sumas U.S.A (simple conversion)
On a 50 litter tank, it costs $71 to fill up in the Vancouver region and it goes down by $10 as you go out. It adds up fast when you fill up every 10 days.
It got me thinking about the taxes added on the fuel and if there was a better way to collect the taxes. The price of oil has been going up and taxes are a percentage of the price which means that more money comes in. In the end, consumers are paying the price for the raising prices of oil compounded with all the levies taken by the different governments and cities. I am all for subsidizing the cost of maintaining roads and helping promote the public transit but the cost of fuel is increasing faster than inflation and it has a fundamental impact on other cost of goods.
Some questions to think about …
  • How much of a mortgage could you replace if you could live close to work?
  • Is there another way to collect the necessary funds?
  • Fuel prices in Europe are even higher, should it be higher here?

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5 Responses to "Weekly Blog Round: Cost of Driving"

  1. Big Picture: If the Federal NDP under Mr. Mulcair has his way we in the West will be paying $5.00p/l like they do in France. Socialism at its worst in Canada under the NDP and Mulcair is a citizen of France!

  2. Living close to work will surely save you some gas money. The savings will be even evident if you and your spouse work geographically closer. The condition of your car and the way you drive are also great contributors to the number of your gas money. Moving entails a lot of choices and difficulties. Personally, I don’t mind paying additional money gas for a better neighborhood.

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