Weekly Blog Round: Newsletter Edition

This week, I would like to formally introduce all my readers to my Money Tips Newsletter. The sign up sheet has been live for a week now if you just started reading… I decided to start a newsletter to better serve YOU, my readers. My readership has grown over the past two years (almost 2 years) and I feel now is an appropriate time to have a free newsletter. Through my newsletter, I will be able to reach everyone of you directly with pertinent monthly topic. I also intend to have a reader’s question and answer that I hope will connect with all of you. I often receive questions from readers and I feel my newsletter will be a proper medium to share answers to many of the questions I receive – all anonymous of course. Sign up! I promise not to fill up your inbox 🙂

In short, my Money Tips Newsletter will have one or more of the following:

  • Monthly topic
  • An update on my dividend portfolio
  • Links to popular articles and resources
  • Reader’s Question & Answer

Worthy Readings

For all investors, if you are looking for pre screened lists of dividend stocks take a look at the DSO top dividend stocks premium membership.

Also Featured In

I am hoping to see this list grow over time. For now, I am starting with a couple.

Have a nice weekend!

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