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This way to tax forms

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This is my tax edition weekly round. This weekend is dedicated to doing my taxes as I have only a week left. Doing my taxes doesn’t take crazy long time but I need some time to focus and pull all documents together. I am going to use Turbo Tax (Previously Quick Tax) as I have in the past. The deadline is fast approaching and I don’t procrastinate by doing my taxes at the last minute, I just learned my lesson these past two years as I ended up receiving forms after filing. In fact, I used to get my taxes done over the holidays at Christmas to ensure I could get my tax refund quickly.

I don’t expect much in return since I have my taxes adjusted at source based on my regular RRSP contributions.

On to some worthy readings from other bloggers.

Have a nice Easter weekend.

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3 Responses to "Weekly Blog Round: Your Money & Your Dividends"

  1. Thanks for the mention PIE. I am already getting my returns as I filed my taxes 2 weeks ago, always good to get money back!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. @PIE Thanx for the mention! :)

  3. Thanks for the mention, PIE :)

    I filled out my taxes and sent the bloody thing off about two weeks ago. It’s sometimes good to wait until later so you can make sure you get all the forms being sent to you in the mail though.

    Last year I learned my lesson of filing TOO early because I had to do about 3 Re-Assessments!

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Weekly Blog Round: Your Money & Your Dividends