Weekly Blog Round: Your Money & Your Dividends

Snow scene at Shipka PassImage via WikipediaI woke up to a white blanket! Snow everywhere… It was refreshing. I actually like snow just not the cold. It won’t last though since it’s sunny today.

The markets finished on a slightly higher note than earlier this week. The companies I follow are now practically back to last week’s levels. There could have been buying opportunities though and if you took the opportunity, good for you!

Your Money & Your Dividends!

Yakezie Blog Round
I am in my fourth week of the Yakezie challenge. I can’t believe it has been that long already. I have made some progress in my ranking and I have 5 months to break 200,000 in my Alexa Rank.
  • Week 4 – 471,923 (-29,842)
  • Week 3 – 501,765 (-58,700)
  • Week 2 – 560,465 (-57,996)
  • Week 1 – Started with 618,461
Here are some Yakezie links for you!
Enjoy your weekend!
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