26 Dividend Growth Stocks

Dividend Growth StocksI believe it’s important to pay attention to dividend growth stocks. While we all know that historical data is not an indicator of future performance, it certainly can highlight the seriousness of management and the company’s policies towards paying dividends and rewarding investors.

I am a big fan of the 10 – 10 dividend rule where a company must have increased their dividends for 10 consecutive years with an average dividend growth of 10%. In fact, I use Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to calculate the average growth which means that the dividend will more than double in the 10-year timeline.

26 Strong Dividend Growth Stocks

Below are 26 stocks with a 10 year dividend streak and over 10% average dividend growth. Many of the listed investments are Canadian blue chip stocks worth paying attention to.

SNC can be a value trap or a great play in the short term. I personally find that the business is too tied to a government but it doesn’t seem to have prevented it from having a good growth until the legal trouble surfaced.

How about CNQ? Is it the energy play? CNR is a core holdings for me along with ENB.

When it comes to HCG, you either believe in their business or you short them believing the housing market in Canada will crash. That’s for you to read the tea leaves :)

TickerCompanyScore CardQuoteMarket CapP/EAnnual YieldDividend Payout Ratio
???Dividend Snapshot90.36%$28.052.2610.472.99%31.34%
???Dividend Snapshot85.84%$45.576.935.182.19%11.36%
???Dividend Snapshot86.96%$37.0040.4813.312.49%33.09%
???Dividend Snapshot82.68%$53.500.8013.081.91%24.94%
???Dividend Snapshot81.14%$24.724.2614.052.87%40.34%
???Dividend Snapshot79.23%$21.971.8417.583.10%54.40%
TSE:CNRCanadian National Railway81.07%$72.6058.1418.331.72%31.57%
???Dividend Snapshot76.71%$18.051.4111.283.77%42.50%
???Dividend Snapshot72.64%$67.392.2615.462.08%32.11%
???Dividend Snapshot69.66%$38.802.5033.741.55%52.17%
???Dividend Snapshot71.42%$42.2821.7917.054.54%77.42%
???Dividend Snapshot69.98%$26.8912.8816.104.41%70.96%
???Dividend Snapshot69.60%$88.0511.5814.872.41%35.81%
???Dividend Snapshot60.82%$41.5625.1617.464.04%70.59%
???Dividend Snapshot55.72%$144.075.0321.801.04%22.69%
???Dividend Snapshot55.27%$35.8851.8761.863.12%193.10%
SJStella-Jones Inc.56.45%$42.952.9626.680.75%19.88%
???Dividend Snapshot49.04%$37.353.9632.201.90%61.21%
???Dividend Snapshot48.99%$12.071.8571.003.98%282.35%
TSE:CMGComputer Modelling Group Ltd50.80%$13.201.0432.204.24%136.59%
???Dividend Snapshot40.17%$16.851.409.97%100.00%
???Dividend Snapshot44.23%$56.7048.58123.263.28%404.35%

DISCLOSURE: Please note that I may have a position in one or many of the holdings listed. For a complete list of my holdings, please see my Dividend Portfolio.

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