The Best Portfolio Management Decision

Invest - Smart DecisionOver the past few years, I have written on a number of topics such as mortgage strategies, savings, investment accounts, taxes, investing, dividend investing, spreadsheet tools and much more … Throughout my many posts, I hope you see the insights I have to offer but I thought I would offer the best decision I have made since I took control of my portfolio. Ok, taking control of my portfolio was my best decision :)  Since then, my best portfolio management decision was to choose my investment strategy – dividend investing!

Best Portfolio Management Decision

My decision was not a simple one though. It’s not like I woke up one morning and laid out everything my strategy was going to be about. Quite the opposite. I have been refining my strategy over the past 4 years as I have been learning.

The core of my strategy was always about dividend investing but my initial premises have been refined over time. Refinement is important since you are going to learn and even make some mistakes. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Whether or not you have a financial advisor, you should definitely have your strategy outlined. Make sure you first list many strategies out there, including your advisor’s strategy, and outline the pros and cons for each according to what you want. Here is a list to get you started in no particular order:

Portfolio Management Rules

Once you are set with your investment strategy, you need to define your rules. Rules are important as they keep the emotions out. The rules are the lines you define and you are not supposed to draw outside the lines. Here are my top 3 rules.

The journey starts with taking control and realizing what your investment strategy is. I have shared a lot of great information on many points over the past years to educate others as I learn and as much as I try to surface much of it, my newsletter is set up to introduce all my readers to my many great posts every 3 weeks.  Please sign up below to learn along with me on this journey!

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