Dividend Income – April 2013

Dividend Income - April 2013I did some accounting with my dividend income, it’s tax season after all, and I had to adjust which month my Rogers Communication dividends are accounted for. This change is affecting my previous $600 month as I needed to move almost $78 out of that month and into this month. My dividend page is always accurate but I don’t always go back and update the posts if you are curious. I estimate my dividends for the month obviously since I report it in the middle of the month. If I end up missing a dividend increase and I catch it when I reconcile then I make the update. Estimating the dividend is pretty easy considering I have the entire year estimated. I had initially accounted for the dividends when it was issued as opposed to when I was getting the money a couple of years ago but I changed it to when I get the money as it is when I get the money and it’s easy to reconcile with my discount broker. Rogers Communication paid on the first of the month and I had not moved it until now.

Dividend Income

My April dividend income is $499.97. After changing which month Rogers fall into, my monthly income is now pretty average as you can see in the graph below. My annual dividend income is not growing much either as I am not adding as much money as I would like. Savings is really what drives a portfolio growth early on :)

Practically no changes in my holdings. I added Exxon Mobile in February and I am adding to my holdings through Computershare and Can Stock. CPG has been trading lower than normal and I am paying attention. It’s a holding I have had for a while and it pays a high yield when compared with large blue chips. I have taken profits once and I am considering swapping to a dividend grower but I have not made a final decision.

Dividend Income April 2013

I made a minor modification to this regular post by moving my holdings to the Dividend Income page. It doesn’t really change much anyways and when it changes I am sure I will mention it :)

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