Dividend Income – February 2012

Dividend IncomeMy dividends are rolling in like clock work :). Even with my DRIP, my cash account is growing steadily and I will be able to make some pucrhases with the cash dividend this year. I expect to be investing a fair bit in the later part of the year – better get started on my research.

Dividend Income

My dividend income for February 2012 is $474.04. I am quite happy to see I am nearing the $500 per month. The only contribution I have done recently is $300 towards Telus and BMO in my Computershare account. If you did not know, CIBC Mellon no longer operate as a Transfer Agent and has sold their operations to CST (Canadian Stock Transfer). I have attempted to purchase $600 worth of Enbridge (through CST) and I am waiting for my cheque to go through and see how efficient they are. I am quite far being with my holdings with CST compared with Computershare.

Dividend Paying Holdings

Here is a list of my current holdings as of writing by accounts.

Broker Accounts (RRSP, TFSA, …)

Computershare & CIBC Mellon Accounts

Readers: Do you have any stocks on your radar?
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