Dividend Income – June 2012

I have a new graph for my readers this month. I have been sharing my monthly dividend income for over 2 years now and you have been able to see it grow as I invest and add more money. What I wanted to show with the graph is the constant dividend payout I receive regardless of the market condition. Sure, my portfolio moves alongside the market but my income follows a very different path and since I use it to add to my portfolio, I can grow my portfolio with compound growth from month to month.

The lightly colored bars represent my monthly dividend income but since it goes up and down, I decided to average it per quarter and you can see that with the red bar. The blue bar is simply the performance of the TSX. I expected to see that graph and have known that for a while but I could not really convey the message without a good data set which I now have. What would be really cool is if I could demonstrate which part of my income is generated from reinvested dividends. It’s not something I could easily do for this post but I am intrigued by that.

What do you think? The steady red line validates why I am a dividend investor. There is predictability amid unpredictable markets and I don’t have to settle for low interest.

Dividend Income

June happens to be my small month for the quarter with $421.11. It marks the halfway mark to the year and I am a couple of hundred dollars short of $3,000. It doesn’t bode well to reach my goal of $7,000 for the year. A little aggressive I will admit. I was expecting to invest more :( I should still be on track to earn $6,000 this year though.

I got a few cheques in the mail to slowly continue adding to my Computershare and Can Stock holdings.

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