Dividend Income – June 2013

Dividend Income - June 2013Time to review my dividend income for June 2013. I have not participated in the “Sell in May & Go Away” philosophy that the media covers annually… Selling would mean not receiving my dividends and it would certainly slow down my compound growth.

Dividend Income

My June dividend income is $574.98. It includes the dividend increase from many of my US Dividend Aristocrats. It looks like June is when I will be getting my pay raise :)

I have not had a chance to do my TFSA contribution yet this year. I will manage to do it but multiple competing priorities come into play. I always contribute to my employer RRSP first as I get a matching contribution from my employer at a minimum of 50%. It’s an easy decision when you can make 50% on your money within a year.

My taxes are so efficiently managed up front now that I need to over-contribute to my RRSP to ensure I don’t pay taxes again like I had to this past year. I am still saving but it is delaying my TFSA contribution. The TFSA is definitely the best investment accounts out there in my opinion and that’s why I don’t want to neglect it. My RRSP and TFSA are like Batman and Robin :)

I have made a portfolio adjustment in rebalancing some holdings. I’ll cover more of it in my June newsletter – make sure you subscribe to my newsletter. Over the coming year, I want to have more exposure to the railway sector. It will never go away and will be more and more in demand to transport energy. The current players in both Canada and the US pretty much have a monopoly in their areas. What do you think?

Dividend Income - June 2013

You can find my full list of holdings in the Dividend Income section of the blog.

DISCLOSURE: Please note that I may have a position in one or many of the holdings listed. For a complete list of my holdings, please see my Dividend Portfolio.

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