Dividend Income – November 2010

It’s time to share my monthly dividend income. To make the graph more manageable, I have set it up to track the last 6 months. Aside from the heavy month with major quarterly dividends, my regular monthly dividends have been on the rise.

November Dividend Income: 319.38$

My monthly dividend income has changed slightly though as I have transfered a mutual fund holding in my RRSP to buy stock that pay on a quarterly basis. It’s not a 100 meter dash though, it’s a marathon and I am setting myself up to succeed. If you haven’t read that post, it’s ‘One step further away from Mutual Funds’.

I am on track to earn 3,755$ for the full year. A little short of 4,000$ but it’s pretty good considering it’s my first year tracking everything that way.¬†These dividends are derived from nearly 60,000$ of invested capital over a number of accounts. That’s an approximate 6.25% yield on cost. I started putting together the data to graph it but I am not done. Once I have it setup I can share it.

My Dividend Income tab has more historical data if you want to look back at the monthly growth!

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