Dividend Income – September 2013

Dividend Income - September 2013Even with the tumultuous markets, we have seen over the past 2 months, my dividend income continues to move along and do wander for my portfolio. I can just sit back, earn my dividends, re-invest them and rebalance my portfolio when appropriate.

It’s clear that long-term interests have started to impact some of the utilities and REITs. I see that as an opportunity to add more to my holdings.

Dividend Income

Over the past 3 years, I managed to increase my dividend income by $1,000 annually but this year I have not been able to add money fast enough to achieve that…

My September dividend income is a GREAT $606.88. I am back in the $600.00 month!!!

Dividend Income - September 2013

I recently discussed how to track your annual ROR on your account and this is how I perform since 2009. It’s hot of the press and I am sharing it with you all.

  • TFSA15.76%
  • RRSP – 18.19% (Those US stocks have performed well)
  • RESP0.16% (I held on to mutual funds for way too long)
  • RBC Non-Registered – 3.21% (Slow moving banks …)
  • Computershare8.43% (Got hit hard with utilities here due to interest rate movements)
  • Can Stock – 8.26% (… and TA is way down)

Remember that those are my annual rate of return. I got some work to get a couple of the accounts to the same performance level of the others but otherwise, I am pretty happy. My overall portfolio is up 38.49% since 2009 but I have to admit that 2009 was an easy year to make money. The coming years will really test my portfolio.

I did a pass across my portfolio and I don’t have any holdings with more than 5% of my portfolio. At this moment, this is where I draw the line. I do not want to have more than 5% of my portfolio in a holding. Below are the target by sectors which means I need at least 20 stocks minimum based on my rule.

  • 15% – Financial
  • 15% – Utilities
  • 15% – Telecommunication
  • 10% – Energy
  • 10% – Healthcare
  • 10% – Real Estate
  • 10% – Consumer Goods
  • 5% – Technology
  • 5% – Transportation
  • 5% – Bonds

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