Dividend Stocks Portfolio

Dividend Snapshot
The goal of this portfolio is to build wealth through stock appreciation while earning a steady dividend income. During the accumulation years, the dividend income is fully re-invested through synthetic DRIP. When retirement comes, the portfolio may switch to focus on higher dividend earnings but time will tell if I need to make this change. My hope is to become financially independent from the dividend income my portfolio can generate.

The dividend growth stocks are selected using a simple but yet effective stock selection process which leverages the Chowder Rule as growth marker.

One of my rules is to hold 40 or fewer stocks in my portfolio to ensure I can stay on top of my holdings. To better understand my strategy, you need to read my 7 investing rules and leverage my dividend growth stock selection process. All in all, it has provided me with a portfolio that can beat the index and in retirement, my knowledge of dividend investing will allow me to draw dividend income rather than burn through my hard earned capital.

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Canadian Stock Portfolio

When it comes to choosing a Canadian stock, the list of companies matching my investing criteria will mostly be Canadian Dividend Achievers with a 10% CARG dividend growth. However, with some sectors, it can be difficult to find a match and I have to vary my approach and selection.

T - Telus - Small



Market Trend

CNR - Small

Canadian National Raiway


Market Trend

ENB - Small



Market Trend

TD - Small



Market Trend

BIP.UN - Small

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P.


Market Trend

ENF - Small

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc


Market Trend

NA - National Bank

National Bank of Canada


Market Trend

BAM - Small

Brookfield Property Partners L.P.


Market Trend

IFC - Intact Financial

Intact Financials


Market Trend

MRU - Metro



Market Trend

RY - Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada


Market Trend

EMA - Small



Market Trend

SAP - Small



Market Trend

BCE - Small



Market Trend

SU - Suncor Logo

Suncor Energy


Market Trend

US Stock Portfolio

The list of stocks matching my investing criteria will mostly be US Dividend Aristocrats with the exception of the technology sector. That sector is relatively recent to fulfill the requirements for a US Dividend Aristocrat.

JNJ - Small

Johnson & Johnson


Market Trend

ABBV - Small

AbbVie Inc


Market Trend




Market Trend

KMB - Small

Kimberly Clark Corp


Market Trend




Market Trend

PG - Small

Procter & Gamble Co


Market Trend


Apple Inc.


Market Trend

KO - Small

The Coca-Cola Co


Market Trend

CAH - Small

Cardinal Health Inc


Market Trend

Stock Portfolio by Numbers

The below portfolio is updated automatically as I update my local spreadsheet. It’s categorized in multiple ways. As a cautionary note, all US holdings are held within the RRSP account as it is more tax efficient for dividends.

Historical Stock Transactions

Below is a list of transactions I have made starting in 2017.

August 2017

July 2017

No transactions.

June 2017

  • TD Bank TSE:TDNYSE:TD saw more money added to the account making it my 6th largest holding.
  • EnbridgeTSE:ENBNYSE:ENB  saw some money added to top up the energy sector making it my 3rd largest holding.
  • Kimberley-ClarkNYSE:KMB also had an increase of fund making for the consumer defensive sector.
  • Cardinal Health NYSE:CAH is a new addition to the healthcare sector.

January 2017

  • Sold Canadian Utilities TSE:CU in my TFSA
  • Purchased Brookefield Infrastructure Partners TSE:BIP.UN in my TFSA
  • Purchased TD Bank TSE:TDNYSE:TD  in my RESP account
  • Added to Telus TSE:TNYSE:TU in my TFSA account
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