2018 US Dividend Aristocrats

Dividend AristocratsThe US Dividend Aristocrats is the best list for filtering US dividend stocks. This should be your starting point to create your core portfolio. Why should it be part of your core portfolio? It’s simple, the companies in the list must have increased their dividends every year for 25 years.

Many of those companies also exhibit consistent growth in value which is what you want along with dividend growth. Dividend investing can be many things and when I started, I looked for high yields but I have since adapted my strategy to look for dividend growth stocks with a double digit dividend growth history. There are many other reasons why my filtering start with dividend companies, see my post on why I chose dividend investing.

S&P US Dividend Aristocrats Requirements

The following criteria must be met to become a U.S. Dividend Aristocrat:

  1. Universe: Member of the S&P 500
  2. Financial Viability: Must have increased dividends for 25 consecutive years
  3. Size: Have at least 3B$ in market capitalization
  4. Liquidity: Must have an average trading volume of US$ 5 million in the past 6 months
Here are specifics about the list itself:
  1. Reconstitution: The index is reviewed annually
  2. Stock Diversification: At each review, there must be at least 40 companies
  3. Sector Diversification: No more than 30% of a sector weight in the index
Many of the companies you are going to see have paid dividends for longer the 25 years and some have increased dividends for more than 25 years as well. That’s quite a commitment to shareholders. Below is the complete sector breakdown for the aristocrats.
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S&P US Dividend Aristocrats List

The constituents are listed below. See the Dividend Ambassadors for the best dividend growth aristocrats as not all dividend aristocrats grow their dividends at the same rate.

February 2018 Update

In 2018, C.R. Bard was removed from the S&P Aristocrat Index after it was acquired by Becton-Dickinson.  On January 24th, 2018, Praxair, Roper Technologies, and A.O. Smith were added to the USDividend Aristocrats Index.

JNJ - Small

Jonhson & Johnson


Market Trend

PG - Small

Procter & Gamble


Market Trend

WBA - Small

Walgreens Boots Alliance


Market Trend

ABT - Small

Abbott Laboratories


Market Trend

Low - Lowes

Lowe’s Companies


Market Trend

CL - Small



Market Trend

GD - Small

General Dynamics


Market Trend

ADP - Small

Automatic Data Processing


Market Trend

ITW - Small

Illinois Tool Works


Market Trend

BDX - Small

Becton Dickinson & Co


Market Trend

KMB - Small



Market Trend

SPGI - S&P Global Inc

S&P Global Inc


Market Trend

EMR - Small

Emerson Electric


Market Trend

APD - Small

Air Products & Chemicals


Market Trend

SHW - Small



Market Trend

SYY - Small

Sysco Corporation


Market Trend

PPG - Small

PPG Industries


Market Trend

ED - Small

Consolidated Edison


Market Trend

VFC - Small

V.F. Corporation


Market Trend

BEN - Small

Franklin Resources


Market Trend

ADM - Small

Archer-Daniels-Midland Co


Market Trend

SWK - Small

Stanley Black & Decker


Market Trend

CAH - Small

Cardinal Health


Market Trend

TROW - Small

T. Rowe Price Group


Market Trend

BF.B - Small

Brown-Forman Corporation


Market Trend

CINF - Small

Cincinnati Financial Corp


Market Trend

MKC - Small

McCormick & Company


Market Trend

FRT - Small

Federal Realty Investment Trust


Market Trend

ROP - Roper Technologies

Ropper Technologies


Market Trend

AOS - AO Smith

A.O. Smith Corp


Market Trend

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